A writer... well... writes.

    Today is one of those days where I feel like I am writing just to keep the blog going.  It is probably true.  A writer writes.  Not everything is a gem.

    Sometimes, you just need to clear the crap out of your head.  Stream of conciousness writing can do that.  So, that is what I do when I need clarity.

    I am making big changes to my life right now, so a lot of crap is bubbling to the surface.  It is a normal part of the process.  And to be sure, it is a process.

    You don't just change.  You decide to change and then, hopefully, you develop a plan for that change.  Your brain will fight you the entire way.  Why?  The brain is a lazy jerk.

    Change is hard.  It is much easier for the brain to remain on a steady, unchanging, course.  That, however, is just not conducive to living a good life.  We talk about fighting against inertia.  The brain is what creates that inertia.  So, we must fight against the consistency of our lives.

    Right now, I am living in fear.  But, the fear is the uncharted change I am creating within myself.  I can live with that fear as I am working hard to conquer the emotion to move forward.

    Right now, this makes sense to me.  Tomorrow, it may not.  I won't delete the post.  I feel like I have moved some of the crap out of my head right now.

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